Powerhoop/Eurohoop Instructor Training
  • Powerhoop/Eurohoop Instructor Training
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    Our Instructors Change Lives! 

    Online Instructor Training and 12-Month Free Licensing Package* $199 How does online training work?

    Course Requirements: 

    • Valid fitness credentials from a regional governing body such as CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications). 

    • Facility with weighted hoops and the ability to use the hoop comfortably, and with proficiency in both directions.

    ★*★ Want to teach but don't have fitness qualifications? ★*★ ​The Powerhoop/Eurohoop Foundation Training Course puts you on the road to success! 

    Once qualified you will get a VIP trade account with access to your licensing benefits and a 10% discount on hoop products.

    *After 12 months, in order to continue teaching Powerhoop/Eurohoop you must maintain an annual subscription to the Licensing and Benefits Package: $150/year paid up front in full (equivalent to $12.50 per month) or a $17.50 monthly direct debit option. (Details about the Licensing and Benefits Package)

    ★ Gym, fitness centre or dance studio? Contact us about group discounts and licensing.

    Course fees are non-refundable. 

  • 199.00 USD