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Eurohoop Deluxe Fitness Hoop

The World's Most Advanced Fitness Hoop, with adjustable weight and loads of innovative features.

Our price: 69.95 USD

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Weighted Inserts for the Eurohoop

A second set of weighted inserts will take your Eurohoop Deluxe up to 4.8 lbs/2.2kg.

Our price: 9.95 USD

Eurohoop Home Workout DVD

New moves and inspiration for your Eurohoop home workouts.

Our price: 14.95 USD

Powerhoop/Eurohoop Instructor Training

Your class members will be inspired, motivated and thrilled with their results. Over 1000 instructors worldwide are teaching high-demand classes; Join the “Revolution,” have a blast and and take your career to the next level.

Our price: 149.00 USD